Cigar Dolls™ Female Cigar Rollers

Cigar Rollers are no longer the old Cuban man with a hat instead, these cigar roller femme fatales have been cigar rolling for only Very Important People with a connection to this great cigar feature. Now the Cigar Dolls are available in all major cities for your event and have been the newest, freshest feature for cigar lovers and entertainment professionals.


These cigar rolling events started in Miami and grew to include the following cities with a female cigar roller

This trendy addition to the A-List clientele has seamlessly been brought to the mainstream public and we promise, you and your guests

guests have never seen anything like this before.


These cigar rollers are female and also have a unique history of cigar rolling or other tobacco related trade in their family history. The Cigar Dolls now bring their cigar roller talent to your event.  .


The reason for the success is the unique dynamic that the Cigar Dolls brings to the party, they are visually unique. The best part is the girls are very interactive which is something often missed by their aging, male counterparts. Most cigar rollers don’t speak English and when they do, it is often limited. This negatively affects the good intentions that the host wants to give to the affair.


On the other hand, the Cigar Dolls are surprisingly very popular with women guests at these events. The craft of the cigar rolling art itself is what intrigues female guests and because the Cigar Dolls are Latin/American, these female cigar rolling maestros can engage in conversation and thus contribute to your event. The result is an impressive feature that your guests will remember  long after the party is over.


Cigar Rollers and performances are carefully planned to make the Cigar Dolls work perfectly for your event. The Cigar Dolls work wonderfully with large events however, smaller, yet  well produced events are most common. Contact us with the details of your special day and we will take you to the next step.


The Cigar Dolls, your guests will never expect them, or forget them.

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Cigar Rollers


Cigar Dolls Cigar Rollers Featured in the NY Times and Las Vegas Sun


Cigar Roller performances for events are changed forever, introducing the Cigar Dolls yes, Female Cigar Rollers.


Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Miami, Orlando with international cities such as Montreal  & Toronto Canada, Italy, Dubai and select destinations in Europe


Cigar Roller Vegas




Cigar Roller Boston

Cigar Rollers

Your guests will never expect them, or forget them

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