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Female Cigar Rollers for California Events

Cigar Rollers, Cigar Roller Events

Cigar rollers are not just in Santa Paula but available throughout California


If you’re looking to make an unforgettable impression at your next Santa Paula, CA event, please consider a cigar rolling package from Cigar Dolls. Dubbed the “Citrus Capital of the World”, Santa Paula is known for its greenbelts of avocado and citrus orchards. The city has also been featured in numerous films and TV show, such as Joe Dirt and The West Wing.


Although its setting is often described as semi-rural, Santa Paula’s population is comprised of many different ethnicities and lifestyles. The city’s Main Street is a major restaurant and shopping district, full of residents and visitors on any given day of the week. Santa Paula also has several cultural venues, including the Santa Paula Art Museum and the California Oil Museum. With its eclectic mix of small town America and L.A. chic, having a female cigar roller at your upscale event is the perfect way to please all your guests. Our beautiful cigar rollers will pamper your guests with hand-rolled cigars and engaging conversation. Each cigar will be adorned by a custom band created by our graphic designers, adding a personalized touch to your event. Like the city of Santa Paula, Cigar Dolls cigar rolling events are a unique combination of natural beauty and sophistication for your next party.