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Cigar rollers for Los Angeles events have been popular however the Cigar Dolls are far and away the leader for upscale events as all of these cigar roller artisans are female, yes women. The New York times, the Las Vegas sun, and other online media and social media have acknowledged the uniqueness and thrill of having this unique twist to upscale events introduced in the to the L.A. market back in 2011.


Now announcing the new and first-of-its-kind Belleza cigar brand which is the first female sponsored cigar brand offered exclusively by this Los Angeles cigar rolling team. The cigars will be in stores and is expected to be the niche that retailers have been looking for in the vast array of conventional cigar brands.


The Cigar Dolls are female cigar rollers and are knowledgeable, credible and most of all authentic and add to the experience your guests will be receiving. Typically, these cigar rollers learn the craft from their heritage in the family which is either from Dominican, Cuban and Mexican descent with a cigar roller male counterpart in their ancestry. This craft is now brought to guests with an upscale presentation that only the Cigar Dolls can execute.


The Cigar Dolls should never be confused with the presentation which is upscale in fact, the Cigar Dolls cigar rollers are restricted from many venues including bachelor parties and certain residences however they thrive at events in upscale 5-star hotels and locations for VIP, celebrity clients and red carpet events for the look and feel that they bring to the event while giving guests a unique look at the craft of cigar rolling.


If your event is in Los Angeles area and you would like to have a cigar roller feature, simply fill out the contact form from (below and above). You will then have a quote ready for you and when you call us, we will give you that quote along with answering any questions you may have to make your cigar roller feature a success.


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The Los Angeles Cigar Rollers are often flown to other cities domestically and Internationally.

Inquire if you have a destination event or request the same roller in another city