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the Cigar DOLLS

Cigar Rollers, Cigar Roller Events
Cigar Rollers, Cigar Roller Events

Cigar Rollers Miami, South Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale , Puerto Rico, Female rollers

Cigar roller events are brought to a different level with the Cigar Dolls, Female Cigar Rollers. The torcedoras are attractive yet powerful women that have the history of the Old World gift of cigar rolling in their family heritage.


The image of the aging Cuban Cigar roller is over. The romance once associated with these Master Rollers is being taken over by their more interesting daughters who have in turn, made female cigar rollers the freshest cigar feature for upscale events.



Female Cigar Roller Rolling

Miami Cigar rollers for cigar events Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota and all throughout Florida reside in each city we service. Collins Ave to Ocean Drive, Miami Beach is the focal point for high end guests that demand high end entertainment and the fresh, different image that the Cigar Dolls provide.


Cigar Roller events throughout Florida are taken to a new level with the Cigar Dolls.

Premium cigars with authentic cigar rolling ladies add an ambience to your event that guests

will remember long after the night is over.


The Cigar Dolls are authentic female cigar rollers that came from a heritage, typically from family, that are involved

in the cigar industry. All of the cigar roller events are coordinated through the office planners that will create the

right combination of cigar features that include cigars, cigar rollers, custom cigar bands and cigar waitresses.


Puerto Rico is our newest city for cigar roller events